CertifyNation Releases Infographic on FAA STC Process

Sussex, Wisconsin – Jan. 31, 2019

CertifyNation® – A Division of The Angelus Corporation, an aerospace engineering and certification services company, released a new infographic highlighting the major steps to earn a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The FAA STC process for aircraft modifications is complex and CertifyNation is committed to simplifying and streamlining the lengthy process for customers. The infographic “8 Steps to STC Issuance” was designed to map the FAA STC process and clarify the requirements to earn an STC. The eight major steps to STC issuance include:

  1. Initial Technical Coordination Meeting (ITCM) and Aircraft Survey: Hold an Initial Technical Coordination Meeting (ITCM) to outline the technical and logistical details of the certification project. If necessary, conduct an aircraft survey to determine compatibility of the new part and target airframe.
  2. File STC Application with FAA: File an FAA STC application  using form 8110-12 to initiate the certification process.
  3. Design and Substantiation Data Development: Develop the required engineering drawings and substantiation data detailing how the part will be installed on the aircraft and how the installation is compliant with the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs).
  4. Receive TIA from FAA or ODA: Submit the engineering, certification and substantiation data to the FAA or Organization Designation Authorization (ODA). Once the FAA or ODA verifies the data complies with regulations and guidelines, a Type Inspection Authorization (TIA) is issued.
  5. Prototype Aircraft Installation: Once the TIA is issued, the prototype installation can begin.
  6. Inspection and Testing: Once the prototype installation is complete, the authorized FAA or ODA designee will inspect and conform the installation, and witness the applicable ground and flight testing to verify system performance and non-interference with other aircraft systems.
  7. Receive FAA STC: An STC is issued after successful completion of the prototype installation, installation inspection and ground/flight testing.
  8. Foreign STC Validation: An FAA STC can be validated by Civil Aviation Authorities around the world, including EASA (Europe), CAAC (China) and CASA (Australia).

CertifyNation specializes in developing turnkey STC packages for aircraft modifications and offers a comprehensive suite of start to finish aircraft certification services, including engineering, testing and kitting. With an experienced team and longstanding industry partnerships, CertifyNation has built a reputation for accelerating certification timelines.

Learn more about CertifyNation’s FAA STC expertise and view the infographic by visiting: www.certifynation.com/certification/us-faa-certification.

About The Angelus Corporation

The Angelus Corporation is a global product and services provider for aerospace and defense industry solutions. The Angelus Corporation divisions include PIC Wire & Cable, specializing in aircraft cable, connectors and cable assemblies for over 45 years, and CertifyNation, offering engineering, certification, and kitting solutions, with decades of experience in the commercial aviation industry. Together, these divisions advance The Angelus Corporation’s mission to make its customers’ jobs easier.