CertifyNation Company Profile

CertifyNation has decades of experience in the commercial aviation industry working on over 100 Supplemental Type Certificate [STC] programs and has stellar working relationships with the FAA, EASA and other civil aviation authorities.

Its engineers have managed and developed the installation, substantiation and certification of numerous different systems encompassing:

  • In-Flight Entertainment [IFE]
  • Emergency Locator Transmitter [ELT]
  • Electronic Flight Bag [EFB]
  • Runway Awareness & Advisory System [RAAS]
  • Smart Runway & Smart Landing [SRSL]
  • Aircraft Communications Addressing & Reporting System [ACARS]
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System [EGPWS]
  • In-Seat Power

CertifyNation’s capabilities fall within three primary areas of expertise:

Certification & Substantiation

CertifyNation provides entire Part 25 STC certification packages plus Part 23, 27 and 29 packages; substantiation expertise covers FEA, DTA, AASR, EWIS and more.

Kitting & Manufacturing

With FAA Parts Manufacturer Approval [PMA] CertifyNation provides kitting solutions and manufactures wire harnesses as well as mechanical and electrical assemblies.

Engineering & Design

CertifyNation engineers design with certification regulations in mind and optimize for the correct materials, parts and sizes to ensure regulatory compliance.