PIC Wire & Cable Company Profile

PIC Wire & Cable® engineers and manufactures electronic cables, connectors and assemblies for military, corporate, commercial, and general aviation aircraft. PIC has 45 years of proven application success in programs and systems world-wide.

With its industry-leading knowledge and engineering experience, the company continues to advance interconnect technology.

Aerospace design engineers and avionics specialists specify PIC’s interconnect products for network/communications, in-flight entertainment, data transfer and high speed/microwave demands.

Offering a broad selection of specialized coaxial, triaxial, high speed data and custom cable options, PIC’s product lines are branded under the PICMATES® family name.

  • RFMATES for: Avionics, Navigation & Collision Avoidance
  • VideoMATES for: In-flight Entertainment & Cockpit Displays
  • DataMATES for: Cabin Management Systems & Ethernet Communications
  • MicroMATES for: Satellite Communications & Onboard Connectivity

The newest solution introduced by the industry leader is next generation lightweight cables delivering considerable loss and weight savings. These “Ultralite” 50 ohm RF coaxial cables feature better shielding, lower loss [attenuation] and improved dielectric, and are laser-markable.

MROs have also come to rely on PIC’s responsive customer service which includes fast quote turnaround and shipment of assemblies within two days.