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PIC Wire & Cable - MACHFORCE Specialty Connectors

PIC Wire & Cable® is a provider of specialty electronic connectors and assemblies for aerospace and defense applications. PIC Wire & Cable has decades of proven application success in programs and systems worldwide, and has built a reputation for solving interconnect challenges and quickly identifying solutions.

The MACHFORCE™ product family of D38999 style high-speed 10G Ethernet connectors are designed for rugged data applications. The connector’s patented design offers robust electrical performance, increased data transfer density, easy termination and field repairability. MACHFORCE is also offered as a complete assembly for custom solutions and unique applications.

Features and Benefits

Reliable Electrical Performance and Multiple Disconnects with High-Speed Module

10 Ethernet Ports for 10G Performance

Easy Termination and Field Repairable with Anti-Decoupling Ring and Standard Tools


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