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PIC Wire & Cable - Aerospace Interconnect Solutions

PIC Wire & Cable® is a leading provider of aerospace interconnect cables, connectors, and assemblies for military, corporate, commercial, and general aviation aircraft. PIC Wire & Cable has 50 years of proven application success in programs and systems worldwide and has built a reputation for solving interconnect challenges and quickly identifying solutions.

Aerospace design engineers and avionics specialists specify PIC aerospace interconnects because they are specifically designed for advanced electronic applications, and feature high-performance characteristics, including low loss, lightweight, flexible and laser markable products. PIC Wire & Cable offers assembly services to optimize the performance of its interconnect products and supports fast assembly turnaround for customers with short timelines and rapid prototyping needs.

Aerospace Interconnect Products

The PICMATES family of premium interconnect products is designed for electronic RF, video, data, and high-frequency applications in harsh, rugged environments. The portfolio includes specialty, high-performance coaxial cables, connectors, and cable assemblies that are engineered and manufactured to meet the stringent electrical and mechanical performance criteria required for advanced systems and complex applications. This includes 50-ohm coaxial cable and triaxial cable, 75-ohm coaxial cable and triaxial cable, high-speed ethernet cablemicrowave cable, data bus cable, and application-specific cables, including IFE, RF, TCAS, USB, and Ethernet cables.

Offering a broad selection of specialized aircraft interconnect products, PIC Wire & Cable’s PICMATES portfolio of cables and connectors are engineered for rugged aerospace and avionics applications.

50-ohm coaxial and triaxial cable

50-ohm coaxial and triaxial radio frequency cable solutions optimized for navigation, collision avoidance, and communications systems

50-ohm coaxial cable ultra light weight

The next generation of lightweight 50-ohm radio frequency cable solutions also specified for use in navigation, collision avoidance, and communications systems

75-ohm coaxial and triaxial video cable

75 ohm coaxial and triaxial video cable solutions designed for cockpit displays, surveillance cameras, cabin entertainment and high definition video

aerospace Ethernet cable

High-speed data communications cable solutions optimized for applications including Ethernet communications backbone, cabin management, in-flight entertainment, and avionics networks

High-frequency cable

High-frequency cable solutions designed to serve Ku band and X band applications by providing high bandwidth for data and support satellite communications