About The Angelus Corporation

The Angelus Corporation™ is a global products and services provider of aerospace and defense industry solutions. For over 45 years, we have provided premium solutions designed to solve industry-wide problems and developed a reputation as a reliable industry resource. Our company mission is to provide a suite of products and services that meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace and defense markets and make our customers’ jobs easier.

Divisions of The Angelus Corporation

PIC Wire & Cable® is a global provider of high performance interconnects for advanced electronic applications. Products are specially engineered to have light weight, flexible and low loss characteristics and are designed for rugged environments. The PICMATES family of cables, connectors and cable assemblies offers robust solutions for a variety of avionics systems, including navigation, satellite communications, in-flight entertainment and ethernet backbones.

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CertifyNation® is an aerospace engineering services company that offers a comprehensive suite of international aircraft certification services that streamline the certification process and accelerate timelines. Its experienced engineering team has secured Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) for a variety of systems, including ADS-B, IFE and RAAS. With an FAA PMA in-house facility, CertifyNation is certified to manufacture FAA PMA parts, assemblies and customized kits.

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Our Commitment to Quality

The Angelus Corporation is committed to providing high quality, premium products and services to the aerospace and defense industries. It has implemented industry recognized quality management standards in order to build robust quality systems that will help ensure product safety, quality and reliability.

Quality Policy

“Making our Customers’ Jobs Easier” is integral to The Angelus Corporation’s quality system and to our success as a diversified Aerospace and Defense products & services provider.

Strong character-based employees, well-defined processes and solid business management systems are essential to our quality management system. We are committed to establishing quality and business objectives that pursue continuous improvement, satisfy customer requirements, thoroughly conform with statutory & regulatory requirements, and achieve process excellence that results in superior products & services.


The Angelus Corporation – AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015

CertifyNation – FAA Part Manufacturing Approval (PMA)